Welcome to my new website! I am adding a select few items for sale right now. Prints and t-shirts of my latest designs. I will be adding my jewelry line soonish but in the meantime feel free to browse the different articles on my blog to see what I have been up to.

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Hand Inked rainbow feather shrink fil pendant cabachon blog post experiment

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Prints and T-shirts have arrived!

Love of beauty

is taste.

The creation of beauty is art.

~Ralph Waldo Emerson



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diane Cransac is an American artist living and working in France. She specialises in hand dyed textiles and intricate wire wrapped jewelry. Better known under her distinctive nickname CymberRain. she was born in Illinois but was bit with the travel bug at an early age. she wandered all over the united states and settled in seattle for over a decade. she used to be the owner and operator of the Seattle reweaving company Sallymender, which was a 75 year old company practicing the almost lost art of invisible mending. For many years she saved her customers clothes and precious keepsakes from the ravages of moths and other tragedies. 

She then wandered over to France and started creating her art once again. In her first years in France she concentrated on intricate embroidered works often taking weeks and even months to complete. Since then she has went on to explore the worlds of dyeing, wire wrapping and many other mediums.

More of her work can be seen on flickr 

She can be contacted at: cymberrain@gmail.com